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D&M Electrical offers a thermal imaging inspection service that can provide the client a fast, cost effective means of identifying potential faults in electrical and mechanical equipment under load and during normal operating conditions.

This information is compiled into an on-the-spot report, using easily interpreted text along with the infrared image and digital photo for ease of identification.

Introduction to Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography has developed into one of the most valuable & effective means of identifying heat loss in systems & materials & is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance.

Every object radiates electromagnetic energy that is invisible to the human eye but visible to specialised equipment. By analysing the temperature signatures of equipment, problem areas are quickly identified and recorded along with associated relevant temperature information.

Thermography is cost and time effective

  • A non contact, non destructive means of inspection
  • Enables systems and equipment to be inspected under normal operating conditions
  • Reduces costly downtime and repairs
  • Reduces unnecessary material expenses
  • Avoid catastrophic failures
  • Directs maintenance to the root cause of the problem

Typical Applications

  • Electrical equipment such as: AC / DC electric motors, control circuitry, contactors, fuses, switch boards, distribution boards, overloads, VSD units.
  • HV overhead power lines & reticulation systems. Insulators, ABS’S, transformers, circuit breakers, HV fuses, switchgear, bus systems.
  • Mechanical equipment such as: gearboxes, belt & chain drives, clutch assemblies, air compressors, conveyor Idlers, pump assemblies, pulleys, diesel engines & associated equipment.
  • Insulation materials associated with such items as: furnaces, ovens, kilns, boilers & insulated ducting or piping. Refractory components, steam system components.
  • Cold storage chiller rooms & associated refrigeration equipment energy losses.
  • Air conditioning systems energy losses.

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